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Watch where you're going! - Diamond Dreams

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October 27th, 2005

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09:55 am - Watch where you're going!
Obviously motor vehicle accidents abound. I would like to take this time to make a PSA.

Brought to you by anyone who is not braindead:

"When you are driving your big ass boat of a vehicle, make sure that you can see objects in your chosen direction of motion."

A few weeks ago I was in the drive thru teller of the bank, getting ready to make a deposit. I am at a stop, looking in my checkbook, when something catches my attention. I look up in time to see an SUV back into the front end of my car. The woman (*sigh* yes she was blonde) gets out, looks at me, looks at the car, looks back at me, and goes "I didn't see you, I thought you were the curb."

-Last I checked, curbs don't have crumple zones. Thank you for playing. Asshat.

Right now my car is in the shop getting fixed, and I am getting intimately acquainted with a Toyota Corolla in Lunar Mist (silver.....the color is frickin' SILVER..... just like my car is called sandalwood metallic.... it is GOLD). My baby will be in the shop for a minimum of 8 days. I need a complete cosmetic overhaul on the front end. A few grand in damage.

Yeah....her SUV.... scratched bumper. *sigh*

2 morals of the story:
1. Watch where you're going
2. Drive thrus are not made for backing up. That thru is supposed to be unidirectional.

More motor vehicle hijinks.
- The other day I almost got run over by a semi hauling a load of pigs. On some level I wonder if there was symbolism that I was missing, but I'm pretty sure it was just the guy being an idiot.

-This morning one of my students watched a woman get run over in the parking lot of our university. I do not have enough details yet. She's alive, but apparently not in great shape. Whether this was obliviousness or road rage I couldn't tell you. Given the parking situation here, road rage is a viable option. Given my experience......some form of terminal stupidity set in. Hopefully the woman will heal quickly, and my student won't get nightmares.

So.... even if other cars beep at you, or other drivers rage.... take the two seconds to look at where you are directing your vehicle.
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Date:October 29th, 2005 04:20 am (UTC)


See, sometimes I wish I walked everywhere... or rode a bicycle... but reading this, I think I'm better off in something that actually provides me with some kind of protection from the idiots out there.

You're right... drive thru windows are unidirectional. Actually, in some places here... if you try to back up into it... it pops your tires. Bet the blonde is happy that didn't happen, she probably would have cried so much her face would have run right off the bone (too much makeup reference, I suppose).

Glad you're alright... your car will be as good as new! With experience! Now, every time your car sees a boat, the brakes will lock up and you'll go screaming to the side of the road without a scratch. No, just kidding... but hopefully the boats (and blondes) will steer clear. :)

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