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Diamond Dreams

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August 29th, 2006

04:41 am - Stolen from a Laurenis
Hmmm..... I dunno, what do you think?

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May 12th, 2006

05:52 pm - Thesis

Progress has been made.

This makes me happy.
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

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December 14th, 2005

11:06 pm - Lifted with Love (12 Days of Christmas)
From deafskribbler

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October 27th, 2005

09:55 am - Watch where you're going!
Obviously motor vehicle accidents abound. I would like to take this time to make a PSA.

Brought to you by anyone who is not braindead:

"When you are driving your big ass boat of a vehicle, make sure that you can see objects in your chosen direction of motion."

A few weeks ago I was in the drive thru teller of the bank, getting ready to make a deposit. I am at a stop, looking in my checkbook, when something catches my attention. I look up in time to see an SUV back into the front end of my car. The woman (*sigh* yes she was blonde) gets out, looks at me, looks at the car, looks back at me, and goes "I didn't see you, I thought you were the curb."

-Last I checked, curbs don't have crumple zones. Thank you for playing. Asshat.

Right now my car is in the shop getting fixed, and I am getting intimately acquainted with a Toyota Corolla in Lunar Mist (silver.....the color is frickin' SILVER..... just like my car is called sandalwood metallic.... it is GOLD). My baby will be in the shop for a minimum of 8 days. I need a complete cosmetic overhaul on the front end. A few grand in damage.

Yeah....her SUV.... scratched bumper. *sigh*

2 morals of the story:
1. Watch where you're going
2. Drive thrus are not made for backing up. That thru is supposed to be unidirectional.

More motor vehicle hijinks.
- The other day I almost got run over by a semi hauling a load of pigs. On some level I wonder if there was symbolism that I was missing, but I'm pretty sure it was just the guy being an idiot.

-This morning one of my students watched a woman get run over in the parking lot of our university. I do not have enough details yet. She's alive, but apparently not in great shape. Whether this was obliviousness or road rage I couldn't tell you. Given the parking situation here, road rage is a viable option. Given my experience......some form of terminal stupidity set in. Hopefully the woman will heal quickly, and my student won't get nightmares.

So.... even if other cars beep at you, or other drivers rage.... take the two seconds to look at where you are directing your vehicle.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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June 24th, 2005

12:14 am - Fished from onesexiladee



Battle Rating

diamonddreamer was hatched from an ancient egg, uncovered in the arctic

Can your fishy beat diamonddreamer ?

Fear my Molly!
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Crossfade - Cold

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June 16th, 2005

08:40 pm - I just remembered why I don't like Texas
Hot hot hot!!!!

A/C is out. Condo is 91. Meh.

Will write more later. Coherent thought is pretty much a distant memory.
Current Mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable

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June 10th, 2005

03:18 pm - Interesting short quiz
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Hair
Special Talents AreLooking Innocent
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Current Mood: amusedamused

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June 8th, 2005

10:38 am - Tag... I'm it!
Tagged by onesexiladee.

1. Favourite scent: Jessica McClintock, Bath and Body Works Ylang Ylang and Myrrh
2. Favourite way to relax: Reading, driving, giving backrubs
3. Favourite movie you own: The Princess Bride
4. Favourite movie/s you don't already own: Indiana Jones movies
5. Favourite male movie stars: Christian Slater, Johnny Depp, John Cusack, Brendan Fraser
6. Favourite female movie stars: Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts
7. Favourite book genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, romance (most things fiction, really)
8. Favourite clothing store: Lane Bryant, Torrid
9. Favourite non-clothing store: Best Buy, Any book store
10. Favourite cartoon character: Eeyore
11. Favourite CD you own: Stabbing Westward - Wither, Blister, Burn, and Peel, Pink Floyd - The Wall, October Project - self titled, The Cars - The best of the Cars.
12. Favourite CD you don't already own: Any spoken word by Henry Rollins that I haven't bought yet.
13. Not going to tag anyone. If you'd like to do this, feel free!
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Lords of Acid - The Crablouse

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June 5th, 2005

07:50 am - Meme oh my
well, some of it's true...Collapse )
Current Music: White Zombie: More Human than Human (Meet Bambi ... Mix)

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07:24 am - Hell... a Quiz too

You Are 64% Pure

You have done it in the ass.

You have done it high on grass.

Dr. Seuss Purity Test

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: White Zombie: Electric Head (Satan in High Heels Mix)

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